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Hello, my name is Evelina Dee-Shapland.

I am a mother of 5 children and I am an artist. I was born and grew up in Moscow, where I had my first art training - 10 years of a children evening art school (7 - 16 y.o.) and 6 years at the Surikov Art Institute (Book Illustration Diploma). It was a full-time study, and for the first 5 years we did life drawing and painting 10am – 3.30pm every day (with lunch and other breaks and few late starts and missed days), but still the training was a comprehensive one. I participated in few exhibitions (group and personal) here and there, but won't bore you with listing them.

In order to learn English and computer technology I came to England to complete BA in Graphic Design at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth (now University College Bournemouth), where I met my future husband Ben.

After graduating I worked as a graphic designer for a small company, based in Winchester, called celsius (now www.davidthedesigner.com) before starting almost a 10 year long span of having children and enjoying Art in the form of building blocks, handmade ballerina cards and baking dinosaurs.

I made a decision not to go back to graphic design, but to carry on with what I enjoy the most - drawing and painting by hand, and my favourite subject is portraiture.

I take on commissions for oil portraits and for sketches on paper. Please feel free to email me at benevelina(at)mac.com, if you would like to be painted or drawn.


Oil: It would take 2-3 sittings (depending on a size), 2-3 hours long to paint a single portrait. The first sitting is the most important, consecutive ones can be shorter. I usually go to the sitter’s house to paint.


Pencil sketch: Allow about 30 minutes, done in one sitting.


If you want to give your friend/family memeber a portrait as a surprise gift I can produce a greeting card sized Gift certificate (sample below) at a small price, which will be taken off the final portrait price, if the receiver accepts the idea and follows it up with sittings.



gift certificate
gift certificate